About Millar Ukuleles

Millar ukulele family

Millar ukuleles is a family workshop, happily creating the finest handcrafted, solid wood ukuleles in Taiwan.

Eric, his brother and mother and father, are the four people that create everything inside the Millar workshop.

In the 1960s, Eric’s father began his first job in the Yamaha factory (in Taiwan) making tools and instruments. This is where he learnt the ‘strict Japanese process’ of manufacturing. His 60 plus years experience in musical instrument making is what makes Millar ukuleles great today.

Eric also worked in the musical instrument making industry.

In 2013 Eric and his father started their own luthier business and manufactured ukuleles for big brands. This gave them extra incite into the whole process. The good and the bad.

In 2016 Millar ukuleles was born.
With decades of experience, the family started creating the ukuleles just the way they wanted. All solid wood, balanced construction, best practise craftsmanship, Japanese processes, all to create the best sounding uke’s around.

The workshop is located in Ziguan, Kaohsiung, because of the ideal temperature and humidity for the production process of solid wood ukulele. The wood is stored for 2 years to stabilise. Millar understands wood is a changing material, and knows how to work with wood to get the best out of each piece. To create beautiful ukuleles that are stable and sound even better with time, all Millar hand built ukuleles are made with technical excellence and love.

“Our ultimate goal is to create quality ukuleles that bring joy to their owner” said Eric’s father.

erics father creating ukulele
eric and father in workshop